Ansonia Porcelain Crystal Regulator No. 3 Mantle Clock

admin / 01.1.2018

This clock is known as an Ansonia Porcelain Crystal Regulator No. 3 Mantle Clock. This piece is different than many other clocks. This clock is made of porcelain and wood as well as glass, where many other clocks are made of some type of wood or porcelain. Most clocks do not have a mixture of porcelain and wood. This clock was recently not used for the past forty years; however, the clock has been wiped of the dust and has since been started by moving the pendulum.

The clock after being idle for forty years has been keeping constant accurate time since December 16, 2017. The clock even still chimes on the hour. Not only does the clock appear to be in working condition there seems to be no visible chips or cracks in the clock or any crazing in the porcelain. The clock appears to be in perfect condition. This Porcelain Crystal Mantle Clock is a decent sized clock, not too big, not too small. It has a width of nine inches, a depth of eight inches, and a height of seventeen and a half inches.

This clock has many details that make it so unique. The clock itself has pieces of porcelain and wood along with glass. The face of the clock or the dial really makes the rest of the clock pop. It is white with black letters and hands accented with a beautiful gold color. The pendulum as well as the outside of the clock is accented with a beautiful gold. The gold really accents the beautiful angelic green that is applied to the border of this clock.

The porcelain portion of the clock includes intricate detailed paintings that are beautifully hand painted. This would include painting of an angel with grapes and vines surrounding the whole clock. This beautiful painting is on a baby blue backdrop making it appears angelic. This clock adds an angelic feel to the room where it is placed. It adds a sense of peace and serenity with its angelic features.

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