Authentic German cuckoo clock from REGULA

admin / 28.28.2018

This authentic German cuckoo clock is in working condition and has beautiful designs within its wood. This clock originated in Germany around the 1900’s. The company now selling this clock is called REGULA and are known for some of the best German cuckoo clocks. This particular cuckoo clock for sale keeps time very well and everything is in working condition.

This clock is quite large with a measurement of a max length of 51 inches and a max width of 32 inches. The deer that is on the clock sticks out from the wall about 23 inches. This clock is a beautiful clock with many beautiful designs and it still works. There are three pinecone weights that help this clock keep track of time and they are all in great condition. The clock also features a cuckoo that comes out every hour.


The wood is a dark brown with many beautiful carvings that would complete any room. This authentic German cuckoo clock is one of the best cuckoo clocks I’ve seen with a deer theme with nature. It does have the head of a deer on the top of this clock and rifles making an x underneath the mounted deer head. This clock also features a rabbit and a bird intricately carved on the sides of the clock along with many beautiful leaves. These leaves are that of a maple tree making this clock beautifully rendered. If you are looking to buy a cuckoo clock, this traditional cuckoo clock should be the one.

I have restored this clock, using cuckoo clock repair guides and original cuckoo clock parts, to sell. It was not originally in perfect condition but this clock is now ready to be in the home of a clock lover or collector. It is unique among clocks for sale.

This clock was given to me by my great grandfather as a gift a while back and now since I have restored it and do not use it I would like for someone to enjoy this as much as I did when I first received it. This clock is in working condition and runs very smoothly, it may not be a cheap cuckoo clock but it is an affordable cuckoo clock. The detail and color of this clock will have any clock lover amazed. The intricate details will be sure to catch anyone’s eye. The deer head that is mounted is the focal point of this piece and makes for a great clock in a den or reading room. When you walk into the room your focus goes straight to the deer and then you notice all the other beautiful details that the clock holds. This is a great clock, it works great, and it looks great. All around, this clock is a very large and beautiful clock that will make any clock lover fall in love.

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