Beautiful German cuckoo clock with deer on top

admin / 05.5.2018

This beautiful German cuckoo clock is in need of some help. This clock is in need of restoration and cuckoo clock parts. The clock needs a bird and a flat Mount Wood perch. There are some parts of the perch there. It also needs some numeral work. Along with parts it also needs case carving repair on the deer’s leg. This clock is in need of better bellows because the current bellows were used for bench testing purposes.

The hammer/gong adjustments look amateur and need to be readjusted. This clock also needs hook and eyelet mounts, a trapeze hook for the pendulum. This is one of the best German cuckoo clock and has a very nice dial and the carved bone hands are believed to be original.

The movement of the clock is functioning but the strike train is a little noisy and can be fixed. The chains on this clock are properly fitted. The weights that are with the clock are not the original and are mismatched. The weights weight about 2 pounds each, which allows them to operate both trains without too much stress on the trains.

The cheap cuckoo clock is supposedly a very early made cuckoo clock, with an estimated time frame of post 1850. The time train chain wheel has a stamp that states “A.F.” This affordable cuckoo clock is believed to be a Fleig clock that needs some tender love and care to repair it. However, it can be a real nice clock if restored properly. It may be worth your while to purchase a cuckoo clock repair guide.

This cuckoo clock for sale in particular has the opportunity to be beautiful again. I love to restore clocks and I had started this one with a friend who ended up going back to Europe leaving me to put this on a shelf and come back to it. However, I have not had the spare time to get back to this clock to fully finish it. The clock is full of beautifully carved details and is made of Black Forest wood. It most likely came from Germany when it was first made. Even though I do not have the time to restore it, it would look absolutely stunning when it gets the proper care. The clock for sale will be one person’s treasure whereas for me it is just collecting dust on a shelf.

The authentic German cuckoo clock’s focal point is the deer atop the clock that is surrounded by trees and flowers. There is a rifle located under the time dial and is beautifully carved.

This wood is a dark stained wood that when cleaned would look amazing. There are beautiful trees that are hand carved along with beautiful flowers and trees. Along with the beautiful carvings is a beautiful story. This traditional cuckoo clock is an antique and has a beautiful history, if you are looking to buy a cuckoo clock, that would make for a great learning moment for anyone.

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