Elegant and beautiful clock without music

admin / 03.3.2018

This beautiful clock was the best thing I have ever ordered. It is made of wood and the designs are beautiful. I love this one-day clock because it is just perfect for the style and the sound. It is a one-day clock that keeps great time but does not play music which is a bonus for me because of where I keep it. I like to keep things simple in my house and this clock is elegant and simple.

The detail on this clock is beautiful. I love how the cuckoo bird comes out of the door of a log cabin and there is beautiful scenery of trees and wildlife included in the intricate carving of this clock. The colors are subtle and not too bold which is great for me because it is the perfect beauty for my room. I love how it adds to my room. I love the wilderness and the creatures that entails so this clock fits in perfectly with my room that is full of wilderness adventure keepsakes and pictures. This room is my work room so this clock fits in perfectly. I love how the chains have beautiful pinecone weights on them. They really complete the look of the nature clock.

Because it does not play music it works even better in my work room. I can keep track of time with the cuckoo bird and not music. Music throws me off track of what I was working on, with the cuckoo I simply look up for a split second and am not distracted and can continue working.

With all its beauty and elegance, it is no wonder why I bought it. However, I like the clock better in person than online where I ordered it. I think that the picture online does not do the clock enough justice as to how beautiful it really is. This clock blew my mind when I saw it, it was more beautiful and elegant than the picture made it out to be. I am extremely pleased with the service this clock provides. The beauty and the details really stand out to me and it completes my room. I love it. It is the perfect clock for any outdoor loving person, which would be myself.

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