Extra large quail railroad cuckoo clock that dates back to the late 1800’s-1900’s

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Made of genuine Black Forest wood, this is one of the best German cuckoo clocks around and it is an antique. This German cuckoo clock is an extra large quail railroad cuckoo clock that dates back to the late 1800’s-1900’s. Being from the Black Forest, this affordbale cuckoo clock is hand carved and crafted. There is a wood quail and cuckoo birds that flap their wings.

This clock is a rare find when in this great condition with the original topper, just consult cuckoo clock repair guides to see what I mean. This particular clock has been completely cleaned and restored and the cuckoo clock parts are present. The roman numerals are the only thing that has been replaced on the clock. This clock is made of solid walnut with a beautiful hand carved details.

The clock measures at 25.5 inches tall, 15 inches wide, and 7 inches deep. The cuckoo clock for sale entails two side doors with latches on the clock. Also, very rare, is the original paper label with hanging instructions on the back door. There is even a stamp that states who made it and it is stamped in solid brass. Along with all the original parts entails a large hand carved disc as the pendulum and original brass chains and wire hooks. The weights weigh about three pounds each and are also original. This cuckoo clock in particular keeps time very well.

The most beautiful part of this clock is the intricately designed maple leaves and vinery that entwined the leaves. Along with the leaves the cuckoo bird pops out of the right door and the top which calls every hour. The quail bird comes out the left door at the top and calls on the quarter, half, three quarters, and full hour. The quality of this clock is amazing and will catch any clock lover’s eye. The best part about this clock is that it is almost all original pieces and has been restored and cleaned to its original beauty. This clock is from Germany and has the seal to prove it. The Black Forest is known for being the provider of wood for many German cuckoo clocks. Authentic German cuckoo clocks are not cheap cuckoo clocks but are popular around the world and I would love to have someone who is a cuckoo clock fanatic to have this cuckoo clock for sale. This clock is in perfect condition and will make a clock lover very happy.

I want someone to enjoy this traditional cuckoo clock or a child to learn the history because this is one of the best cuckoo clocks and is important to the history of the clocks and it dates back to the late 1800’s to the early 1900’s. Bringing this clock into a home not only are you bringing an art piece but you are bringing years of history. You are not just bringing a clock home but a form of art. Being handmade it is a very detailed clock with a beautiful story. I want someone to enjoy this clock’s history and story as much as I have. I received this as a gift when I was a young child and I want someone else’s child to love it or have a clock fanatic to find this beautiful clock.

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