La Rochelle – Ansonia Clock Co. New York – imported from Bonn Germany

admin / 25.25.2018

This clock is an Ansonia Clock Co. New York New York Porcelain Case that was imported from Bonn Germany. This clock is a very rare clock and was auctioned in 1906 with the title of La Rochelle.

The clock is an eight-day movement clock. The clock has recently been serviced and is running. Time accuracy is not a guarantee with this clock. The clock is beautiful but is not always keeping the correct time. There are no cracks or cosmetic wear. This clocks movement and dial are all original pieces.

The inside and outside of the clock are all completely original. The clock does have the original pendulum and key. With a height of nearly fifteen inches it is a rare clock due to its size as well. These clocks are rarely found anymore and if they are they are extremely damaged. This clock is 110 years old that functions good and looks even better.

The clock was imported from Germany and these clocks were all hand painted by unknown artists at the Royal Bonn Factory that was owned by Franz Anton Melham. This factory produced clocks from 1836 to 1931. During this time the workers painstakingly painted many clocks and no one knows who exactly painted them. All people knew was that the Royal Bonn Factory produced these clocks. Some people would even argue that this factory created the most beautiful and best collector clocks.

This clock in particular is very rare due to its amazing cobalt blue color. This is the rarest color scheme. The clock has original paint that is extremely dark and not faded cobalt blue. There are also many exceptional hand painted Iris’s.

The dial of the clock is a bold white with gold accents on top of black roman numerals. The back and the sides of the clock are painted a dark cobalt blue that really compliments the hand painted Iris’s on the front of the clock. The Iris’s on this clock look like a watercolor painting on porcelain. The beautiful Iris’s are yellow and a deep violet that really pop with the cobalt blue on the rest of the clock.

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