Parma – Ansonia Iron Enameled Mantle Clock

admin / 25.25.2018

This clock is a clock that came from the company Ansonia Clock Co. In New York New York. This clock dates back to 1905 and is an Ansonia Iron Enameled Mantle Clock, also known as Parma. This is a statue clock with a topper. This is not your average mantle clock however, it is very large and heavy. It stands 11 inches tall and 22 inches wide weight 30 to 40 pounds. The clock is an eight-day movement clock but the time on this clock is not guaranteed. Because this clock is 112 years old it does not always keep accurate time. The clock does however chime on the half hour and the hour. The clock has no signs of wear and tear cosmetically and is fully operational.

This clock is very unique because it has intricate marble and granite inlays. The color of this clock is amazing. It has a dark black color marble that makes this clock unique. The detailed amounts of marble and granite are what makes this clock different compared to others. It has more than one element making this clock.

The top of the clock is a beautiful focal point of this clock. It has a beautifully rendered woman with a harp made of brass. This peaceful scene makes the clock have an angelic feeling to it.

There are many details in the wood of this clock as well as a marble strip along the bottom. The marble put into this clock is a white marble that makes the dark colors and the rest of the clock pops. The entire clock is made of marble but there are gold details and white strip of marble that really compliments the rest of the marble in the clock. The face of the clock is beautiful white with gold accents and black clock hands. This clock has little to no wear and tear, it is functioning, and it is beautifully kept.

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