Prewar clock – hunter’s dream clock

admin / 18.18.2018

This clock is actually pretty rare. Usually there is a rabbit or hare with a pheasant but this time there is a fox! This clock is a hunter’s dream clock. Very full of nature and beauty. The case of the clock and the carvings are in excellent condition. The age of the clock is dating back to the 1920’s-1930’s. This clock is considered a prewar clock.

There are no breaks or repairs on this clock except with the exception of one on the pediment. This is not original to the clock. Two of the three weights are original and matching. The third weight is a little lighter than the other two. The third weight is not marked, unlike the other two stating 2 ½. The pendulum tock and bob are replacements as well as the plastic antlers on the deer. These elements were added to the clock. The bellows are suspected to be original and sound perfectly. This clock however is missing the rear door and gongs. The movement of this clocks works perfectly and the time train has little wear that is to be expected. The cuckoo and quail trains are in perfect condition.

There is a beautiful deep cross hatching pattern on the face of the case that backs the dial and really make this clock pop. Another unusual aspect to this clock is that the doors on the side have arched tops which is not seen very often. The stain of this clock is beautiful with its deep colors with a hint of reddish tones. The birds on this clock are heavily painted around the mouth. It appears as if someone went a little heavy on the lipstick.

This clock is beautifully carved and full of detail. There is a pheasant on the left side that is beautifully carved and, on the left, there is a fox. This is different than most of the hunting, outdoor themed clocks. The deer on the top of the clock is a focal point and is beautifully hand carved. The deer is surrounded by ivy and leaves that make the deer pop.

The bottom is also engulfed in beautifully carved leaves. This clock is beautifully carved and beautifully stained. Being an older clock, it is sure in a great condition for its age.

This clock is a cuckoo quail clock which is different than a standard cuckoo clock. The cuckoo quail clock is a clock the goes off every quarter hour. It is a quarter hour striking clock, whereas the standard cuckoo calls out every half hour. The quail, located in the left door of this clock calls out every quarter hour. For 15 minutes it calls once, 30 minutes twice, 45 minutes is three calls, and at the hour it calls four times. The quail on the hour is immediately followed by the cuckoo calling from the second door located on the right. It calls according to the hour.

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