Vintage German Working Black Forest Cuckoo Clock

admin / 06.6.2018

This beautiful German cuckoo clock is a vintage German Working Black Forest Cuckoo Clock. To run and maintain this authentic German cuckoo clock see a cuckoo clock repair guide. This best German cuckoo clock uses wooden plates movement and this particular clock dates back to the late 1880’s. The size is approximately 18” tall and 10-½” at the widest point in the clock. This clock’s deepest point is about 5-½”. The clocks weights are roughly 1300 grams each. This German Cuckoo Clock is beautifully designed to catch your eye. It caught a lucky bidder’s eye on January 7, 2018 when they won the bidding.

Made with beautiful hand carved wood, the details on this traditional cuckoo clock are amazing. Yes, this affordable cuckoo clock is older but it’s cuckoo clock parts still works with ease. This clock was not serviced recently but is still an amazing find. These clocks are filled with beauty and culture. From its hand carved details in Black Forest wood to its history and background because of the age of the clock, you are sure to find this clock a successful find, especially if you are the winner of this clock on January 7, 2018.

Being a one-day clock, you will have to wind it once a day to keep time. It has not been serviced recently so you may have to have some work done on it but other than fixing or repairing the odds and ends stuff you have yourself a beautiful clock. Intricate details to the clock, hand carved wood, and eye-catching beauty are all part of this clocks past and present.

I personally received this clock many years ago as a child, and found it to be a cheap cuckoo clock, cheap in the since of price not quality. I no longer use it so I want to sell it to ensure that the history does not die and the legacy of these beautiful cuckoo clocks keep going. The tradition of cuckoo clocks intrigues me but I just simply have no room for it or time to keep it in perfect condition. Finding cuckoo clocks for sale is not easy. I want others to experience the clock the way I did when I was younger. I would rather someone have it that uses it than me having it collecting dust.

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